MS.Thidaporn Wareenin | Leicester City King Power Full Fee Scholarship MBA Global, Leicester Castle Business School (LCBS), De Montfort University : Sep.2017


"This is my first time studying full-time master degree abroad, so I was really nervous at first, but when support from both Selt INTER Education and the university came, everything became a lot easier! They helped me until I officially became DMU student and started my new chapter of life. There is much variety here in DMU. I found that I can make load of friends from different parts of the world from this place just right after I arrived. Student support units in DMU are very supportive. There are various kinds of useful events and activities from supporting international students to over 100 clubs and societies that I can take part in. DMU is something different. With its creativity value, you will never see same traditional way of teaching, instead, their aim to support "student's experience" is one of the best you can get most of it. This is my superb experience I have ever had in my life. Thank you my lovely educational agency, Selt INTER Education for being such an important part of my experience "