KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden | Mr Sarit khirirat | Master in Systems, Control and Robotics

My second year of studying at KTH is quite overall good, although weather in this winter in this year might be much colder than that in the previous year. Especially, I have simply a few courses to take, and hence have to present a Master's thesis in the foreseeable future. In addition to courses taken, I have tons of Chinese friends, as well as fortunately a couple of Swedish friends that are extremely hard for Asian students to befriend.

(อ่านต่อ กดที่ชื่อ เพื่อเข้าหน้าหลักค่ะ)


Furthermore, I have seen and talked with at least three Thai students studying at KTH. From my recollection, almost all of them are currently studying in a Master's program in Engineering. I then suppose than you might be familiar with some of these Thai students who might see you during open house education fair in Bangkok, and who might seek for your help concerning applications and other documents needed to be submitted for applications.

At last, if I have some friends or junior ones who look forward to studying in the UK or even in Sweden, then I will introduce your email account so that they can discuss application processes and other topics with you. Wish you prosperity, robust health, and all splendid accomplishments in our life in Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you for your generosity " Sarit Khirirat