MS Areerat Sura-amonrattana (Petch) | scholarship | MBA - International Marketing | Bangor University

Why choose Bangor?

My agency recommended Bangor University to me. After that I checked on university’s website. I chose to study here because of reputation and scenery. Moreover, Bangor University offered me a scholarship. The words and pictures cannot explain everything. Come and study at Bangor University and you will understand how happy during my time studying here.

International Ambassador Scheme

 The International Ambassador Scheme provides support for international students. I wanted to become an Ambassador because I like to share my good experience while I am studying in Bangor. I also want to help and suggest new students who want some help or have any questions about University.

 What is the most difficult thing about being an international student?

Personally, the most difficult thing about being an International Student is being open-minded and sociable. There are a lot of people who difference cultures and backgrounds. You will get friendship, knowledge and experience from them.

The course...My course is MBA - International Marketing and there are many students around the world who are studying the MBA. I am happy to listen a lot of cases of marketing in each of country. My lecturers provide a lot of useful cases and materials. They are also enthusiastic in teaching. (อ่านต่อ กดที่ชื่อเพื่อเข้าหน้าหลักค่ะ)


Clubs & Societies...I am involved with Masters of Pokemon (BUMPS). Last semester, I had 5 modules so I did not have much time to join in activities. But when I had time I tended to join this society. Everyone is welcoming and friendly to me. I am looking forward to next semester and I will have more time to join with everyone. I also joined Bangor Business Society and Bangor University Photography Society.

Social Life...There are a lot of activities in Bangor. I normally enjoy cooking and baking with my friends. Sometimes we go out sightseeing and have afternoon tea around Bangor. This winter I plan to go Snowdonia with my friends. Moreover, I prefer to join university workshops because the university provide a lot of interesting and useful workshops to students.

Life in Bangor...Bangor is a unique city. Even though Bangor is a small city, it is very peaceful and charming. When I walk from my accommodation to Main Arts. I’m always happy and enjoy scenery around me.

What will you miss when you leave? ...I will miss Bangor’s landscape, friends and lectures.

Has the University been supportive?...Yes, the university has been a good support to me since my first day (airport pick up). All Bangor’s staff are friendly. I always feel free to ask questions. Definitely, I also get good answers and advice.

What advice would you give to students who are coming to Bangor?...Not only to prepare yourself for meeting and having nice experiences in Bangor but also to be prepared for the change of climate as it can be raining and windy.

Plans for the future...I plan to be Lecturer in my country. And I want to do and improve my family business.